9wickets Guide

How to bet on the 9wickets live exchange

Wagering on live events is one of the most exciting things in sports betting. Punters can find such an experience on 9wickets, one of the most well-known betting exchanges in the industry and the biggest exchange in India.

The website provides the official prices from Betfair and also has similar liquidity. As a result, the odds are among the highest in the market, and due to the high liquidity, you don’t have to worry if your bets are matched. At least in the most popular competitions.

On 9wickets, live betting has all these things that bettors will find attractive. There is a huge selection of matches from various sports where the players can bet on, with many markets in each event. In addition, the live betting odds on 9wickets are significantly higher than those of a sportsbook, satisfying the players and giving them opportunities for trading or arbitrage strategies.

Unfortunately, if you want to take advantage of the 9wickets live betting markets, you won’t find a “sign up” link on their website. Instead, you must use a broker. The broker acts as the middleman and, through him, you can gain access to many exchanges, like 9wickets. One of the best brokers you will find on the internet is Brokerstorm.com, and even though the 9wickets exchange is not yet available on their site, it can give you access to many more betting sites. Some of them are Betfair, Whitehorse, Orbit Exchange, Fair Exchange, and Winfair24.

In the coming paragraphs, we will talk more about live betting on 9wickets. You will see some of the betting markets available, the sports and competitions you will find on the site, and also some of the best live features the platform has to offer.


Get to know the 9wickets live betting

On 9wickets live betting, the choices and the available markets you can bet on will surprise you. To be honest, you might find the number of sports limited, as the main focus of the platform is on soccer, tennis, and cricket. However, in each sport, you will see many international competitions, tournaments, and leagues from various countries.

To speak with numbers, the total number of selections is over 150 competitions in all sports. So, it would be safe to say that whenever you decide to open the 9wickets live exchange, you will find something that will catch your eye and is worth betting on. Furthermore, the platform provides quality live coverage of sports events, making it easy to watch how the game progresses and decide where to place your bet. It’s an experience that every player will appreciate.

Live betting markets

Let’s talk about the betting markets you will find on the 9wickets live exchange. The main sports available are soccer, cricket, tennis, and e-soccer. However, when available, you will be able to bet on basketball and rugby as well. From the main menu, you can click on the in-play tab to take a look at all live events at the same time, or you can choose to see the live games available for each sport separately.

Starting with soccer, you will find many countries from all over the world and their leagues that are offered on the 9wickets live betting markets. As it is natural, the majority of them come from Europe, including the biggest and most popular leagues on the continent. Over 30 European countries are included in the soccer section, offering the majority of their leagues for live betting.

To name a few, in the English Soccer section, you will see the English Premier League, the English Championship, the English FA Cup and more, all available for betting on live events. On 9wickets, live betting markets are also available for the Italian Serie A, the Italian Serie B, the German Bundesliga, the German Bundesliga 2, the Spanish La Liga, the Segunda Division, and many other major leagues.

We should not forget the biggest European club tournaments, where you will find the most liquidity. Additionally, in 9wickets,the live betting odds are the highest in these competitions due to the number of players they attract. These are the Europa Conference League, the Europa League and, of course, the Champions’ League, one of the most recognizable competitions in the world.

But on 9wickets live betting, you will also get the choice to bet on smaller competitions. For example, some of the leagues available are the Irish Premier Division, the Polish Ekstraklasa, the Turkish Super League, the Czech 1 Liga, the Croatian 1 HNL, and others. The list is huge, and you will find many more competitions from other continents too.

There are plenty of competitions from Latin America on the 9wickets live exchange as well. The most popular ones that are included in the 9wickets live betting markets are the Argentinian Primera Division, the Brazilian Serie A, the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana tournaments, and the Uruguayan Primera. Except for those, you will find competitions from Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru as well.

In the soccer section of 9wickets, the live betting markets are endless since there are more leagues and competitions from the rest of the world. Some of them are the Chinese Super League, the Egyptian Premier, the Qatari Stars League, the Thai League 1, and the Jordanian Premier League.

However, on the 9wickets live exchange, the choices that you have for wagering on in-play matches are few. You can bet on the match winner and the total goals that will be scored in the game. The choices are over/under 0.5 goals, over/under 1.5 goals, and over/under 2.5 goals.

Regarding tennis, most tournaments are offered for wagering on the 9wickets live exchange. From the most popular ones, like Roland Garros, Wimbledon, the Australian Open, ATP Montreal, and the US Open, to less-known tournaments like the San Marino Challenger and the Lima Challenger. The coverage for all tennis tournaments is great and all the matches are offered on 9wickets for live betting.

Most of the time, 9wickets live betting markets for tennis matches are available only for wagering on the winner. But in bigger competitions, which attract more players and where the liquidity is higher, you will find bets for the total number of games and sets as well.  Usually, the choices that the platform gives are over/under games or sets of a specific handicap. For example, over/under 18.5 games or over/under 2.5 sets.

Cricket is also available on the 9wickets live exchange with many options for the players to bet on. After all, the name of the exchange is based on cricket terms. Some of the competitions you will find in the cricket section are the Caribbean Premier League, the ICC World Cricket League, the Royal London One Day Cup and plenty more.

The obvious choice that the platform offers for betting on cricket games is the match winner. However, in many matches, there is the possibility of fancy bets. These are special bets regarding Boundaries, Runs, Falls, Ball Runs and many other statistics of cricket matches. Fancy bets give punters more betting options and make live betting on cricket a lot more interesting.

Another sport that you might find available for live betting is basketball. In this section, you will be able to place bets on the best and most famous basketball league in the world, which is the NBA. Furthermore, competitions from around the world are also available on 9wickets for live betting, like the European Euroleague, the New Zealand’s NBL, the Canadian National League and more.

Live betting odds

On 9wickets, the live betting odds are based on the official prices that Betfair uses. But this isn’t the only reason why the odds are among the highest in the industry. As we mentioned, 9wickets is a betting exchange. This means that the odds are set by the players because, in the betting exchanges, punters bet against each other. So they are the ones who choose the odds of each outcome.

As it is natural, you will find better odds in the matches that attract most of the players. In soccer, competitions like the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A, or the European Champions’ League always have the most placed bets. Liquidity is always higher in these leagues, and the possibilities for your bet to be matched with the higher odds available are always greater.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t find any good odds in the minor leagues. Most of the time, the 9wickets live betting odds are significantly higher than what you will find at an average sportsbook. The only problem is that, due to the possible low liquidity, your bet might not be matched in time or at all, even though the liquidity the platform offers is similar to Betfair’s.

In tennis, the odds are also high, regardless of the competition. On the contrary, you will find the best odds on matches between tennis players with high rankings as liquidity also plays a big role in 9wickets live betting odds. If you compare the odds with the ones of a typical bookmaker, you will see huge differences with the 9wickets live exchange. To be more specific, the odds might be higher by even 0.20 on the betting exchange.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that because of the high odds the platform offers, especially in tennis, it is ideal to use it for trading or searching for arbitrage opportunities among other betting sites. Tennis is recommended for this type of betting and can be possible since the 9wickets live betting odds are quite high.

The same applies to cricket also. Even though it is not as popular as a sport, the odds that are offered on the 9wickets live exchange are among the highest in the market. In addition, the prices of fancy bets are also high, which makes them worth betting on. The 9wickets live betting odds on cricket are also better than the ones you will find at a traditional sportsbook.

Live betting features

Except for the many 9wickets live betting markets and the high odds, the platform has some great features to offer as well. One of them is the “One Click Bet” feature, which is very important for 9wickets live betting. With this, you can set a standard stake for your bets and make wagers quickly. The only thing you have to do is to add your betting choices to your bet slip and hit the “place bet” button. In that way, you don’t risk any possible change in the odds that would cause you to lose a possible betting opportunity.

Since the betting markets on 9wickets live betting are plenty, maybe you will find it difficult to focus on the ones you want. For this reason, the betting exchange has a “pin” feature, where you can choose the matches you want to watch or bet on and place them on the multi markets tab. So it will be easier for you to monitor only the matches you care about.

Sports are already divided into categories and sections, but in live events, it will be useful to arrange the matches in an order that suits you best. 9wickets includes a “view by” tab in each sports section. With that, you can arrange the live matches by the time they started, by competition, and by the matched bets.

Additionally, 9wickets’ coverage of live matches is excellent. The platform includes a very easily viewed graphical interface for the live events, with analytic stats about the game. Moreover, many live events have live streaming coverage available with no delays and good resolution. In live betting, the monitoring of a live event is extremely important as it could help you make more correct choices regarding your bets.

A minor feature that might also be helpful for some players is the search bar on the top of the website. From there, you can search for any specific live event you want to bet on and see all its available markets at the time. Also, in each match, you might see the indication “Low Liquidity” on the top right of the screen. When you see that message, the platform informs you that if you place a bet on the specific event, the possibilities of your bet being matched are low. It’s more of a warning than a feature, but some punters will find it useful.