9wickets Guide

Why should I choose the 9wickets exchange?

Every little while many new betting exchanges popping out, each one offering different features or being expertise to specific sports and markets. For example, there are betting exchanges out there which are specialized on the horse and greyhound races, others which are specialized in the American horse races and sports and at the same time, you can find betting exchanges targeting the cricket fans. That is where 9wickets enter the conversation, a Betfair powered betting exchange addressed to the fans of this very popular sport, without this meaning of course that cricket is the only thing offered.


In the following lines we are going to analyze all the things the 9wickets betting exchange can provide to its bettors and all the reasons why you should choose it over a random betting exchange site offering a little bit of everything. If you are a fan enjoying betting on cricket, then this guide is totally for you, as its information are going to bring your betting to the next level. Keep on reading and we promise you that you are not going to regret the things you are going to find in the upcoming lines.


Which are the advantages of betting on the 9wickets betting exchange?

Placing your wagers on the betting exchanges is by default a level up on your betting activity, so it is out of discussion whether you should become a member on an exchange or not. The higher odds, the absence of betting limits, the chance to place arbitrage bets and get a sure profit, while at the same time you also are capable to take the position of the bookmaker, by being the one setting the odds on a specific outcome. This will happen through the lay betting feature, a bet stating that you don’t believe an outcome will occur on this specific event.

The next step is to be specialized on a specific sport, as this is going to give you the advantage you need to get to the next level, earning more and more money. Here is where the 9wickets exchange enters the room, a betting exchange dedicated to the cricket fans. While most of the betting sites and the exchanges offer events and markets from the biggest competitions of this sport, the 9wickets exchange goes a step further, offering things that you are not going to get on a generic exchange or bookmaker.

For example, on the 9wickets exchange you can place your bets on competitions like the BBL – Big Bash League – KFC Big Bash League, the ICC Cricket World CUP, the International Twenty20 matches, the IPL League, the Australian league and on many other local leagues that you are not going to have the chance to bet on anywhere else rather than on the 9wickets exchange.

Of course, expectedly, the 9wickets exchange offers a handful of extra markets on every match for cricket, one of the biggest selections of spreads around the internet. More than 60 extra markets average will be available on every cricket match, while the punters loving football and tennis will also have the chance to place their bets on all the major and minor leagues and competitions. And all of them come with a vast number of extra markets on every match, like Asian Handicaps, half time bets, point spreads on tennis and more. The 9wickets exchange also offers the punters the chance to bet on the best horse races from all over the world.

Other than that, the 9wickets exchange will provide to the punters a layout they are familiar with. As a betting exchange powered by Betfair, it comes not only with the same layout, but also with the same coloring. Of course, just like what applies to Betfair, you have the chance to place lay bets on the 9wickets exchange on all the available sports, becoming a bookmaker on your own.

Another great advantage that the players are going to enjoy on the 9wickets betting exchange, is the very low 4% commission rate on their winnings from the very first day and the very first bet. It is indeed one of the lowest in the industry, especially if you could imagine that Betfair comes with a 5% fee on the winnings of the punters.

The next question you would probably have, is how you could become a member on the 9wickets betting exchange. You can do it either directly, buy contacting the Customer Support of the exchange, but this is a procedure that might be a little bit complicated and time consuming. The other choice, is to become a member on a top betting broker like Brokerstorm. That will give you the chance to place your bets on the 9wickets betting exchange and on many other operators on the same time.

Of course, Brokerstorm, despite being the top betting brokerage service in the world, does not offer the services of the 9wickets betting exchange. As an alternative choice , you can bet on the OrbitX cricket dedicated section (coming with both an exchange and a bookmaker service), or on the Brokerstorm exclusive Winfair24, offering the lowest commission of the industry, 3%. Become a Brokerstorm member now, so you can take advantage of the big benefits.