9wickets Guide

How to become a 9wickets agent

If you are into cricket betting and also you want to run a betting exchange business but you don’t really know which one is the best exchange to invest on, then for sure you should turn your sight towards being an agent for 9wickets. You will have the chance to cater cricket punters with the top and most expertise betting platform, coming with an abundance of features, markets, while you will be the one to set the final commission on the players’ earnings.


If you have already been in thoughts of becoming a 9wickets betting exchange agent, then this guide is totally for you. You will get the chance to learn which are the advantages of running a betting exchange business as an agent of 9wickets, as well as the differences the brand has comparing to other Betfair alternative exchanges. We also tell you what you should look out for when you choose to run a cricket betting exchange, so stick with us, as you are going to find very useful information that are about to change your mindset on running a betting business.


The benefits of becoming an agent for 9wickets

It’s not only business, but also a pleasure to become a 9wickets agent, as success and gaining money are involved in this case. But which are exactly the advantages of becoming a 9wickets betting exchange agent instead of for any other exchange? First of all, you will be known around the internet and in the punters’ community as an expertise betting exchange. You might not have the possibility to provide bets on sports like MMA, Formula 1 and others, but at the same time, you know what to expect.


You know which your players, their passion are and you can cater them with the best possible services and features. Also, by relying on 3 sports, you will have the chance to make the most out of all these. That means that you may include many more markets, as soon as you will come in proper terms with the 9wickets.


You will also be sure that the bets will be matched, because as a 9wickets exchange agent which is expert to cricket firstly and mostly and then on soccer and tennis, the players will come to you for these sports, knowing that their experience would be the best possible. And of course, since you are a 9wickets exchange agent you can provide stability and safety, as we are talking about a Betfair powered exchange.


Comparison of a 9wickets betting exchange agent with other Betfair alternatives agents

When you choose to become a 9wickets agent, you should have in mind that you are first a cricket betting exchange and afterwards an operator offering any other sport. In contrary to OrbitX, which is a Betfair alternative exchange coming with many betting options and a little more generic approach, when you choose to be an agent for 9wickets, you should have in mind that expertise is what is going to get you a step further.


Cricket is the first sport coming to the punters mind when they see the name of the brand, but still, you will have the chance to offer bets from soccer and tennis mostly, while basketball will also be available, mainly when the NBA matches are under way. Also, you should expect that the commission is extra low, since the 3.5% on the winnings of the players is among the lowest in the industry and while OrbitX can match it, many other betting exchanges can’t. And that by itself is going to give you even more power.


Finally, comparing to the other betting exchanges you can expect to find the same liquidity, so your bets will not be unmatched. Overall, you will have at had a terrific product that is going to stand out on its own and you should definitely take advantage of that.


What the players will look out for on a 9wickets exchange agent

It is important to take the most out of your decision to become a 9wickets agent, so you must take into consideration all the aspects of creating a business like that. Player comes first and that means that you must meet certain demands in your way to become a proper agent. First of all, the commission you will set on the winnings of the players. It would better not exceed 4%, so you can be alluring to the punters.


As an agent of 9wickets, you should offer a wide variety of betting markets on cricket, as well as all the important and many minor leagues and competitions, so the players can choose where to place their bets on. The same goes to soccer and tennis, you can’t offer those without giving the chance to the players to bet on the biggest matches and tournaments, also having a wide variety of extra bets available. And the third, but also very important aspect of a 9wickets betting exchange agent would be to pay out the winnings the quickest the possible, through a wide variety of payment methods, including e-wallets, cryptos and traditional payment systems alike.