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9wickets agent

If you want to try your luck with a top betting exchange, then your choice should definitely be 9wickets. The sport odds the platform is offering are the official prices provided by betfair, which means that the payout is the best it can be and the odds are among the highest in the betting industry.

In addition, the 9wickets live exchange supports a wide range of matches and events, for both major and minor leagues and competitions. It also includes some great features that will help all punters, from beginners to more advanced, organize their wagers and have the best betting in-play experience.

In general, on 9wickets, the betting markets are more thn enough, for all the types of players. The focus of the exchange falls on soccer, tennis, and cricket, covering all the available competitions on which someone would want to bet. To be honest, the variety of matches can sometimes be overwhelming in pre-match events and also during live matches.

Unfortunately, on 9wickets, a sports bonus is not available at this time, which might be somewhat annoying. However, there might be certain periods when a loyalty bonus or ongoing contest will occur. So you have to be ready. Never forget to check from time to time if you want to find any available promos. Nevertheless, since the payout of the platform is so high, the bonus might seem even unnecessary.

In the next few paragraphs, you will find a detailed review of 9wickets and why it is worth registering on this betting exchange. Additionally, you will see how the exchange works and what you should be aware of before you decide to open an account with them.


9wickets Login

At first, probably you wouldn’t be allowed to open an account directly from the website. For security purposes, a broker like Brokerstorm.com was needed, who could give you access to many betting exchanges. Now, this procedure has changed. However, security is still one of the best things that keeps the 9wickets rating high.

Opening an account directly from the exchange’s site is still not available. The players can proeed with registering a new account by sending a message through the WhatsApp application to one of the contacts at the bottom of the website. In that way, you will get your login credentials after completing your sign up.

As usually happens, you will be asked to provide some personal information. Name, Date of birth, Home Address, phone number, email are some of the details you will be prompted to give. To complete the process and be ready to bet on events, you should undergo the KYC procedure as well. You just have to send a copy of your ID, a proof of your home address, and details about the payment method you want to use. Next, you will be ready to go.


9wickets License/Credibility

9wickets is among the top betting exchanges and the biggest one in India, which is considered as one of the biggest betting markets in the world. The company is operated by Sky Infotech N.V. and is fully licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming authority. We must mention that the Curacao license is one of the oldest e-gaming regulators.

The bettors may trust the 9wickets agent as the platform promotes the “Responsible Gaming” idea, providing all the necessary help to the punters in case they need it. Privacy and players’ security also play a huge role for the betting exchange, offering great protection in the processing of personal data and payments.

The credibility of the company can not be disputed. 9wickets manages thousands of bets every day from punters around the world, while completimg every kind of payments fast. Also, the fact that 9Wickets is a Betfair subsidiary, lets the bettors think of 9wickets as one of the most trustworthy betting exchanges.


9wickets sports Bonus/Offers

Most betting exchanges lack of promotions or bonuses of any kind and that happens for a good reason. 9wickets agent, couldn’t been any different, since the provider mostly relies on the high 9wickets sport Odds. So, at the moment the exchange does not offer any sign up bonuses. It is possibe that you will get enhanced odds on specific matches and competitions, but apart from that, there aren’t any other universal offers. However, you don’t have to be dissapointed, since the provider is going to reward your betting activity with personalized offers from time to time.

Despite the lack of promos and bonuses, the platform excels in other areas, where it is considered as better than most of its kind. Apart from the low commission and the high odds, the wide range of 9wickets betting markets will satisfy even the most demanding of players, especially in sports like cricket and tennis.


Why to bet on 9wickets

  1. The punters will be more than pleased with the wide range of the 9wickets betting markets. The platform offers many leagues and competitions from all over the world and from many sports. In particular, in football, tennis, and cricket you will find the majority of the competitions and tournaments, both for pre-match bets and in-play.
  2. The platform offers the official prices from Betfair, since its platform is powered by the latter. As a result, the 9wickets sport odds are among the highest the punters can find in the betting industry. The payout is always at the highest level, offering very good betting choices for pre-match bets. Live events also offer great odds in most of the available markets.
  3. Even though you won’t come across any 9wickets sport bonus, the betting markets and the high odds will make up for this miss. The platform is ideal for arbitrage and trading strategies that demand high stakes based on its credibility and top security.


9wickets Betting markets

The platform’s main focus is on soccer, tennis, and cricket. However, you will find available  even more interesting betting choices. Besides the sports we mentioned before, there are also sections for next generation betting markets, like e-soccer and virtual sports where bettors can place their wagers. But let’s break down each one of the available sports.

In the football section, you will find competitions and leagues from all over the world. The list includes events from the biggest European leagues, like the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, and Bundesliga. It also includes many minor leagues from countries such as Malta, Wales, Serbia, and more.

Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and all the South American countries with their leagues and competitions are also available for betting. In general, the soccer section includes over 50 countries from all over the world with their respective leagues, offering thousands of matches each month.

A wide range of betting markets can be found in the tennis section too. All the biggest and secondary tournaments are available for betting. For example, the Australian Open, the US Open, Wimbledon, and Roland-Garros are only a few among the variety of tennis tournaments. Each match and competition also offers a lot of special bets, like over/under bets on games and sets.

However, cricket is the sport that places the 9wickets rating so high among the other exchanges. The platform is famous for the variety of cricket events punters can find on it, including almost all the competitions and tournaments in the sport. Moreover, in each match you will find many fancy alternative bets, adding more choices to the betting markets available. All the matches are offered for in-play betting through the 9wickets live exchange.


9wickets Odds/Commision

The odds are one of the strongest advantages in the 9wickets agent. The platform comes with the official Betfair prices  for all the available markets. In many cases, the total payout can be as high as 98-99%, not only in pre-match events but in the 9wickets live exchange as well. If we must choose the leagues where you will possibly find the best odds, then obviously the major and most popular, like the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga and the Spanish La Liga for example, are the ones coming with the best prices.


Regarding soccer, the best odds are available in the biggest leagues and competitions. Some of them are the Champions League, the Europa League, the English Premier League, Copa Libertadores, and so on. That happens because the liquidity is higher in those markets where the players can compete with each other, offering higher odds.


In tennis, the odds are also great, with the payout reaching an incredible 98%. Again, the best tournaments are the ones that will give you the best odds due to the highest liquidity. Usually, the best well-known tournaments have the best odds, but it also depends on the tennis players that are playing. For example, you will find better odds on a match between Nadal and Djokovic than a match between lower rank players.


9wickets rating is based a lot on cricket and the high odds it offers. The platform offers a very high payout here also, it goes up to 99%, not only on the 9wickets betting markets for cricket, but on the Fancy bets category as well. Furthermore, a big advantage of the platform is that it has no commission on your winnings up to 500 euros. If your profit is higher, the commission is 3%.


9wickets live exchange/Extra features

The live exchange includes the majority of the matches you will find on pre-match events. The 9wickets agent offers most  from soccer, tennis, and cricket for in-play betting, especially when it’s about a major league or competition. Live betting on the platform also supports some great features, helping punters to place their bets faster.

The biggest number of live matches is in soccer, offering most matches from many leagues around the world. Every month, thousands of live events are covered by the platform, which offers a very nice graphical user interface for monitoring each match.

In addition, some live events are available to watch via live streaming, making it easier to follow the progress of the game.The betting markets for each match are limited to the final winner and the number of total goals (over/under 0.5 – 1.5 – 2.5). Moreover, the 9wickets sport odds are extremely high, even on the special bets.

In tennis and cricket, the live section of the betting exchange also provides many betting options and hundreds of matches and games each month. Again, some games can be watched through live streaming, and the bets that are placed are accepted almost instantly. To be precise, a bet takes about 2-3 seconds to be accepted, making the platform ideal for live betting.

Some other features are the “one click bet,” where you can set a certain amount of stake to bet, in order to place wagers faster with just one button. Additionally, you can choose the matches you want to follow during live and add them to the “Multi Markets” tab. That way, it is easier to focus only on the matches you want to.


9wickets deposit/withdrawal

The 9Wickets exchange offers various methods of payment. You can make a deposit to your account using a bank transfer. Otherwise, with one of the most popular e-wallets Skrill or Neteller. Moreover, there is also another payment option as the platform also supports deposits with bitcoin.

The above methods are available not only for deposits but for withdrawals as well. However, the withdrawals are not for free as they come at a fee of 3%. Additionally, while the deposits are almost instantly , the withdrawals can take their time. Usually, they might need 2-5 days to complete the transaction and have the money in your account available.

There is no particular maximum limit for deposits or withdrawals. However, there are minimum limits whicch depends on the payment method. A bank transfer has a minimum deposit limit of 50 euros, but that also applies to Skrill and Neteller. On the other hand, if you want to make a deposit with bitcoin, the minimum deposit limit is 150 euros.


Customer Support

There are a few but more than adequate ways to contact the customer support of 9wickets. The rating of the platform would be higher if more communication channels were available. However, there are two comms channels available to get in touch with the 9wickets support.

The first is by sending a message through the WhatsApp application, where you can ask whatever you need to know about your account. You will find the contact numbers at the bottom of the website’s webpage. They usually reply instantly or after a couple of minutes.

The second way is by sending an email to the customer support service. You can find the email address on the Privacy Policy link you will find at the end of the home page. In this case, the reply usually takes 2-3 days to come. Feel free to send them any concerns you might have.


9wickets Rating

The 9wickets betting exchange is a very good Betfair alternative with plenty of betting markets. In particular, in soccer, tennis, and cricket, you will find almost any competition to bet on. In addition, the odds are among the highest in the betting industry and significantly higher than any sportsbook.

The 9wickets live exchange is also one of the best things the platform has to offer, with tons of matches every month and unique features that you will find useful. If we also add to the above the credibility of the platform, you can be sure that 9wickets is among the best betting exchanges in the gambling industry.