9wickets Guide

How to bet on the 9wickets live exchange

Cricket live beting is on the rise and who can blame the players who choose to place their bets in play? It is more exciting, it comes with even more opportunities and it also gives a huge adrenaline rush. The best way to place your cricket live betting wagers is through the most dedicated and expertised betting exchange, the 9wickets live betting exchange, which offers a handful of events and markets on the popular sport and on many others as well. At the same time the players will have the chance to take advantage of the Betfair prices and a similar liquidity as well.

In the upcoming lines you will have the chance to learn everything about the 9wickets live exchange markets offered on a daily basis, as well as for the live exchange odds on 9wickets. You will also get to learn how you can be a member of the 9Wickets exchange, so keep on reading and we promise you that you will not regret doing so.

Get to know the 9wickets live betting exchange

The 9wickets live exchange is thought to be the best cricket betting exchange in the world, so, how exactly can you become a member of the popular operator? The only way to do it is through a betting broker like Brokerstorm.com. The latter does not give a pass to 9wickets, but it gives you the chance to place your bets on Betfair exchanges like OrbitX, Fair999, Whitehorse and the exclusive Winfair24. You can be a Brokerstorm member by entering their site, clicking on the Sign Up button and filling in your personal information on the registration form. Next, you should complete the KYC procedure and contact the Customer Support team to get access on all the available operators. That’s it, you are ready to enter the action.

Let’s get back to the 9wickets live exchange now, where you will find a limited number of sports, as the exchange is mostly cricket centric. However, you are going to also find soccer and tennis. At times though you will also may find some of the biggest basketball and rugby events as well. The punters will have the chance to place their bets on more than 150 competitions, leagues and tournaments, while it also offers a great coverage on each live game.

It is time to break down the offering of every sport though, beginning from soccer. The majority of the offered leagues on the 9wickets live exchange come from Europe. The big 5 leagues, like the Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A etc are the leagues with the highest liquidity, but you will also find competitions from more than 30 European countries. Of course you will not run short of big club and national teams’ competitions, like the Champions League, the Europa League, the Europa Conference League, the Nations League, the World Cup and more. On every match you will get the chance to place your bets on more than 25 extra 9wickets live exchange markets, like Asian Handicap, over/under 0.5 goals, over/under 1.5 goals, and over/under 2.5 goals.

Let’s get to the 9wickets live exchange offering on the cricket and the tennis markets. On tennis you will get the chance to lay your hands on tourneys like the Roland Garros, Wimbledon, the Australian Open, ATP Montreal, and the US Open from the biggest ones and many ITF and Challenger ones from the less important competitions. All the big matches come with a range of at least 10 extra bets, like over/under in sets, games, Match Winner with Handicap and Match Winner among other choices.

Regarding the cricket markets found on the 9wickets live betting exchange, you should expect for an abundance of available competitions like the Caribbean Premier League, the ICC World Cricket League, the Royal London One Day Cup and of course the biggest ones, like the Ashes, the T20, the World Cup and more. Since we are talking for a cricket specialized operator, you will find all the main bets and many special ones regarding Boundaries, Runs, Falls, Ball Runs and many other statistics of your favorite cricket matches.

Regarding the 9wickets live exchange odds, the latter are similar to Betfair. That means that you are going to get on the 9wickets live betting exchange a huge payout of even 99% on the top leagues on cricket, soccer and tennis, while on the less popular matches and competitions, this payout would fall down to 96%-97%. It should be noted that due to the higher odds comparing to other exchanges the 9wickets live betting exchange is the best choice for arbitrage betting, so keep that in mind down the way…

Finally, regarding the features you will find on the 9wickets live betting exchange; you have the chance to place your bets immediately with the One click bet feature, while you can also monitor multiple events simultaneously through the Multi Markets tab characteristic. The acceptance of the bets is on 2-3 seconds, something that shows how quick the platform is. Finally, the search bar is going to help you find the event you have been looking for the soonest the possible.