9wickets Guide

9Wickets on restricted countries and how to enter?

9Wickets on restricted countries

One of the best Betfair alternative exchanges is 9wickets, a cricket focused betting exchange, which also offers bets from football, tennis and horse races from all over the world. However its real expertise is on cricket. It is a fact though that although its range of available countries is bigger than Betfair’s, there still is a number of 9Wickets restricted countries out there.

The alternative to Betfair betting exchanges have come to stay, that is for sure and as the time goes by, they gain even more power and popularity among the punters ranks. That is not a coincidence, as in fact they cover the great gap Betfair has left due to its decision to operate on a certain set of countries around the world.

That means that the players living in the restricted countries for 9Wickets, can’t use the services of the latter, bit is that really the case? The answer is no, as we have made a thorough research and we are ready to present you the best possible work around, so that you will have the chance to place your bets with a fine cricket betting exchange. Keep on reading and it is more than sure that you will find extremely interesting all the info that follows.

Ways of betting with 9Wickets on restricted countries

We are sure that we have caught your eye with what you have told you in the introduction of that guide, especially if you are a bettor living in the 9Wickets restricted countries. We know that it is harsh to want to enter your favorite betting sites without having the way, that is why we have searched high and low and we found two of the best ways to get around the whole situation. One of them comes with a cost though, we must warn you about that.


And that is the way we are going to analyze first. In case you live in one of the 9Wickets restricted countries, you can use the services of a VPN program. The VPN software will help you alter you IP address offered by your service provider to another, according to the country you will choose to pass through. For example, in case you live in the United Kingdom and it is among the 9Wickets restricted countries, but you still want to enter the latter, you can use a VPN, get an IPD address from Belgium for example and in that way you will get access to 9Wickets. Remember that the operator accepts players from all over the world, so you can create an account giving away your real information.

The only downside of using a VPN service on case you live in the 9Wickets restricted countries, is the fact that you will have to pay a subscription to get a really stable and trustworthy program, coming with a connection on the quickest servers. You can still use some free programs, but we can’t guarantee you that your experience the one you would be fond of, as many delays and drop outs of the system might occur.

Betting brokerage service

So, it would be wiser if you would turn your sight towards the second way in case you live in one of the 9Wickets restricted countries. That would be joining a betting brokerage service, something that is going to give you some extra advantages. For starters, in case you sign up with a broker like Brokerstorm, which is thought to be the top brokerage globally, your money, bets and personal info will be safe and secure, thanks to the fact that the broker is being passes regularly audits by the Curacao eGaming authority, while the levels of encryption are extremely high. Also, the fact that Brokerstorm comes with an NV license, means that you will never need the usage of a VPN service, even if you live on the restricted countries for 9Wickets.

Another great advantage is that your account will never be limited or suspended, as high rollers, winners and arbers are totally welcome here. Moreover, although you won’t find the services of the 9wickets betting exchange, in case you are a cricket punter, you will find the most perfect alternatives. OrbitX, which is the best Betfair alternative betting exchange, offers a dedicated betting exchange section for cricket, along with a cricket only sportsbook!

But that is not just it.

In case you live in one of the restricted countries for 9Wickets and you will choose Brokerstorm to place your bets, you will get the chance to place your bets on 3 more betting exchanges and an Asian bookmaker (the Pinnacle powered PS3838), also grabbing the opportunity to place lay bets on horse races (on Whitehorse) and enjoy the lowest commissions on the players’ winnings. Depending on the betting exchange you will choose that rate will be ranged from 3% (Winfair24, the lowest fee on the industry) up to 4%.


Finally, even if you are on the restricted countries for 9Wickets, you can still complete your KYC and have a fully verified operational account. As you understand there are so many advantages of choosing Brokerstorm, that in the end you won’t care if you can access 9wickets or you are in the restricted countries for 9Wickets. Complete your Brokerstorm registration now and get the most out of your betting activity.