9wickets Guide

Why should I proceed to a 9Wickets register?

Whoever you ask out there, no matter the level of the punters’ betting skills, it is more than sure that they are going to claim that wagering on a betting exchange is better and more profitable than choosing a typical bookmaker. The advantages the bettors will get are by far superior to any bookie out there, so expectedly the players now turn their sights towards this kind of betting operators. Of course, Betfair is the most prominent exchange out there, but the problem is that there are many territorial restrictions out there. The next best thing is none other than the Betfair powered betting exchanges, in the likes of OrbitX, Fair999 and in case you are a cricket fan, 9Wickets.


The latter offers the widest range of betting markets and events on the popular sport, so expectedly, the cricket bettors have in their mind that they should go under a 9wickets register to get the best possible offering on the sport. But these are not the only reasons to register on 9wickets, as the latter comes with even more benefits for the players who want to transform their investment on a mostly profitable activity. Keep on reading, as you are going to find tons of interesting information that will help you bring your betting activity on the next level.


Which are the advantages of register on 9Wickets?

The truth is that most of the players are used in the typical bookmaker style out there, although the latter can’t be profitable for them. They tend to place parlay or system bets, losing the real and most essential part of wagering on sports. The fact that the betting activity should be though as a big and important investment. That perspective can only change if the players will choose to wager on betting exchanges and even more, when they choose to exchanges that are specialized in certain sports. The latter will help the bettors also be specialists on that certain sport, so, in case you are keen on betting on cricket, then for sure you must make a 9wickets register.


The operator is powered by Betfair, so that by default should bring to your mind that security, safety and credibility are there… Also, from the time you will accept to make a 9wickets register, you will totally change the way you see and think of betting, as in that case you will have the chance to place both back and lay bets. And while the first part is well-known to your habits, the second one will give you a new perspective. After all you will take the role of the bookie, as from your part you will state that a certain outcome will not happen and then you will wait for another punter to come and match that bet, stating that this outcome will occur on a certain match.


Also, making a 9wickets register will bring to your hands the widest possible range of available cricket leagues, competitions and matches, while you will have the chance to lay your hands on more than 100 extra markets on every match. As you might possibly understand, that would be the biggest array of available bets regarding cricket. Additionally, making a 9wickets register comes with an easy KYC procedure. You just have to send your ID, your proof of address and the a proof of the payment method you used or will use, at any time you deem fit, not by the time you will complete the 9wickets register, as it happens on Betfair or no most of the bookmakers.


Let’s also talk about the commission you are going to pay out on your winnings when you will complete the 9wickets register of your new account. While Betfair comes with a 5% fee on the winnings and most bookmakers have a house edge of 9-10%, 9wickets charges only a 4% on the punters’ winnings, from the very first bet!


Another great reason to make a 9wickets register is that you will have the capability of using your cryptocurrencies to top up your account or withdraw from it. As long as you use the cryptos after your register on 9wickets you will also enjoy withdrawals that are completed within just a few minutes, or half an hour maximum.


So how exactly can you complete a register on 9Wickets? The first very straightforward way is to get to the operator’s site, click on the Sign Up button and complete your registration. The best way to go though is through a betting broker service, as the latter will give you the chance to handle multiple operators with a single account, while your bets are places through the broker and that means that you will never have to give away your personal information to the operator.


Brokerstorm.com is the best choice, as it is considered to be the best betting brokerage service in the world, but unfortunately it doesn’t offer the services of 9Wickets, so it will be impossible to proceed with register on 9Wickets. Is that a downside though? The answer is no, as the broker offers 5 different operators, in the likes of the Betfair powered OrbitX (coming with a 3.5% commission and a dedicated cricket exchange and sportsbook), Fair999, the Brokerstorm exclusive Winfair24 (with the industry low commission to the players’ winnings, 3%), the races expertise Whitehorse (the only exchange letting you place lay bets on horse racing) and the top Pinnacle powered Asian bookie, PS3838.


Will you miss out on the chance to handle all these top class operators? Make your Brokerstorm registration right now!