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How to get the best 9wickets Odds

best 9wickets Odds

In sports betting, bettors are constantly looking for the sites with the best odds. Betting on the highest odds means that you will earn the most possible profit from your stake. Unfortunately, bookmakers and sportsbooks have a limit on how high their odds are going to be. But to find the best odds in the markets, you must undoubtedly use a betting exchange.

When a punter places a wager on a betting exchange, he bets against another punter. This is possible because of the lay betting the exchanges offer, which means betting against an outcome. The odds are proposed by the players themselves, so the players become the bookmakers. That’s why in the betting exchanges, the odds are quite higher than in sportsbooks and bookies.

One of the biggest betting exchanges, especially in India, is 9wickets. Regarding the odds, the exchange is offering the official prices from Betfair, making the payout on 9wickets one of the best there is. Additionally, the liquidity is at similar levels as Betfair, at least for the most popular competitions. Due to the high liquidity, you don’t have to worry if your bets will be matched on time.

There are two ways to access 9wickets. First, you can send them a message via Whatsapp, in the contacts you will find at the end of the screen. From there, they will help you to create and set up your account by providing you with all the necessary information. The second way is to register through a broker.

Brokers, or betting agents, act as the middleman between you and the exchange. For example, if you want to play on an exchange that is not available in your country due to geographical limitations, betting through a broker is the ideal solution that will allow you to overcome any restrictions. Such a betting agent is Brokerstorm.com, which includes some of the best exchanges in the industry, like Betfair, Orbit Exchange, Fair Exchange, Whitehorse, and Winfair24. Unfortunately, 9wickets is not available on the platform for the time being.

In the coming paragraphs, you will learn about the 9wickets payout and how it is compared with other bookies and sportsbooks. In addition, you will see some examples regarding the odds on 9wickets. That will give you a general idea of what the prices are about and in which sports, competitions, or leagues you will find the best.


The 9wickets payout per sport

As a betting exchange, powered by Betfair nevertheless, it is safe to say that the payout on 9wickets is the best it can be. Speaking in numbers, the payment rate is close to 99 percent. The difference with traditional sportsbooks is huge, especially if you consider that the payment rates there are usually about 93-94 percent. The odds on 9wickets give you the maximum value for your bet.

However, having the better odds depends on the sport, the competition, and even the betting market available. Usually, where liquidity is higher, so are the odds. These cases include more popular sports like soccer and the most well-known leagues and teams. 9wickets is mostly addressed in India, so the sports the punters find most interesting for wagering are soccer, cricket, and tennis. However, the platform also offers e-soccer events and virtual sports.

Football odds

As we mentioned before, soccer is one of the sports that the players prefer to bet on. Because the 9wickets odds on soccer are based on Betfair, they are quite high. This ensures that the player receives the highest possible payout on each bet.

Let’s see some examples to get an idea of where the odds on 9wickets range. The English Premier League is one of the most popular competitions in the world, attracting the majority of punters from every continent. We will compare the odds on 9wickets with the ones on Betfair sportsbook, which are already high enough.

In the match Arsenal – Leceister, the odds for the final outcome on the sportsbook are 1.55 – 4.33 – 6.00 (1X2). That is quite good, since the payout on this set of odds is 96%. But what about the payout on 9wickets? The odds for the same match on 9wickets are 1.59 – 4.5 – 6.40, which means that the payment rate is over 99 percent. Maybe the difference seems small, but when you stake high numbers or you add many events to your betslip, the final difference will be quite obvious.

An even bigger difference we might find in live events. In the match Aston Villa – Everton, the score is 1-0 and the clock says that there are still 26 minutes of playtime. The odds at the time on Betfair’s sportsbook are 1.2 – 5 – 23 on the final outcomes. The total payout for this match is a bit lower than 93%, while on 9wickets, the odds are 1.26 – 5.7 – 30, which makes the payment rate close to 100%.

The payout on 9wickets is better regarding other betting markets as well. In the same example of Aston Villa and Everton, while the match is in its 70th minute, the live odds for the over/under 1.5 goals have a great declination also. To be more specific, the sportsbook’s odds are 1.80 for over 1.5 goals and 2.00 for under 1.5 goals. The payout is calculated about 95 percent for these prices. However, on 9wickets, the payout is still better. The odds for the same market are 1.74 for over and 2.34 for under, so the total payment rate is again over 99%.

The above examples are just a few of the main differences you will find between the odds. Of course, the English Premier League was used just to give a sense of what you will find in other competitions as well. The most popular leagues have a similar payout on 9wickets, like the Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga, and the Spanish La Liga.

In minor competitions, the payout on 9wickets is smaller, but still better than an average sportsbook. Let’s go to the French Ligue 2 this time and compare the odds of the match Dijon – Caen. The odds on Betfair’s sportsbook for this game are 2.38 – 3.00 – 3.00, setting the payment rate at 92%. On the contrary, 9wickets odds for this match are at 2.56 – 3.15 – 3.2 which gives you a payout of 98 percent. Although the percentage is slightly lower from the 99 percent we find in major competitions, the 9wickets payout is still quite high and far better from what you will find on a traditional sportsbook.

Cricket odds

The platform gives a lot of focus on cricket, so it would be a good idea to compare these prices also. After all, cricket is a huge market in the betting industry. Let’s see pre-match but also in-play events and see how the 9wickets payout compares to that of a sportsbook.

A cricket match is an event with two possible outcomes, whereas the payout calculation can be done easily to make the comparison. Let’s look at a match from the International Twenty20 category, between the West Indies and New Zealand. The match is offered on both platforms, but the odds are significantly different.

The odds you will find on Betfair’s sportsbook for the specific game are 2.75 for a West Indies victory and 1.40 for New Zealand. The payout from these odds is slightly higher than 92%. It’s not bad, but 9wickets’ payout is quite better. To be exact, West Indies victory comes with a price of 2.82 and New Zealand’s victory with 1.51. After doing the necessary calculations, you ‘ll see that the maximum payout on 9wickets platform is over 98 percent.

At live events, the difference in the payout, as it is natural, is similar. This time, our example will be the match of Manchester Originals against Trent Rockets in the Hundred competition. The odds were taken as they were in the 5th minute of the game. First, you will see the sportsbook’s odds. These were 1.50 for the Manchester Originals and 2.63 for the Trent Rockets, giving you a payment rate of about 95 percent of your bet.

Things were even better on 9wickets. The odds of the live match at the time were 1.56 for the Manchester Originals and 2.74 for the Trent Rockets. The payout that comes out of this set of odds is over 99 percent. As you can see, even in the live matches, the 9wickets odds are significantly higher, which makes it the ideal platform for someone who wants to take the maximum out of their bet.

We have to say that, regarding cricket, 9wickets has more betting options and greater coverage of live events than any other platform. So, if you want to bet on cricket, besides the high odds, the variety of matches and competitions the exchange offers is a big advantage.

Tennis odds

Another big betting market on 9wickets, both for pre-match and in-play events, is tennis. There you will find all the big tournaments and the most popular matches available. The odds on 9wickets do not disappoint here either.

To measure the payout on 9wickets, we will use the match between Hurkacz and Ruud from the ATP Montreal 2022 competition. Again, we will first see the odds offered by Betfair’s sportsbook and then we will compare them with the 9wickets odds. The difference is going to amaze you.

It’s a semi final match and the sportsbook’s odds are 1.80 for Hurkacz’s win and 2.00 for Ruud’s win. Clearly, the typical odds of a 2-way sports event. In this case, the payout is less than 95 percent. On the other hand, the odds on 9wickets offer a greater payout than the previous one.

Let’s talk with numbers. In this match, the odds on 9wickets for Hurkacz to win are at 1.93, whereas Ruud’s victory is at 2.04. The 9wickets payout for this match is again above 99 percent. But do these differences apply to live events also? Let’s take a look and see for yourself.

Jaume Munar is playing against Christopher O’Connel for the ATP Cincinnati 2022 tournament, and Munar leads the score with 3-1 games. The odds that are offered at the time by the sportsbook are 1.30 for Hurkacz and 3.2 for Ruud. That leaves us with a payment rate of less than 93 percent.

At the same moment, the 9wickets odds are 1.33 for Hurkacz’s win and 3.85 for Ruud’s victory. Taking into consideration these odds, the payout on 9wickets is close to 99 percent. In any case, the payout on 9wickets is far greater than that of the sportsbook. This is one of the reasons why most players, especially the more advanced, prefer to wager on betting exchanges.

These are the biggest markets the platform focuses on, but there are more betting options bettors can find on the website. 9wickets offers e-soccer events between pro players, which punters can bet on. In these matches, the payout is usually lower, possibly due to the low liquidity. In addition, the virtual sports section offers various virtual events you can wager on. However, the liquidity problem is also possible there, since most punters prefer to bet on the sports we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, soccer, cricket, and tennis.

Playing on 9wickets, you can be sure that you are betting on the highest odds in the market. Especially in major events, the payout sometimes comes close to 100 percent, which is everything the punter can ask for. But then, how the platform earns you might ask, since the odds and the payment is so high.

All the betting exchanges charge a small commission on your winnings. On 9wickets, this percentage is 3%. To compare it with other betting exchanges, Betfair, for example, has a commission on your winnings 5-7%. So, even if you compare the fees that come with your winnings, 9wickets is still a great choice to place your bets among the other betting sites.