9wickets Guide

Explore the 9wickets betting markets

The best way to wager nowadays is to do it through a betting exchange. It’s no secret that Betfair is the biggest of all, with the best liquidity an exchange can provide. However, it is also nice to have great alternatives since, due to certain geographical restrictions, not all punters can have access to Betfair.

One of these alternatives is 9wickets. Although it’s fairly new in the betting industry, this betting exchange is India’s largest wagering site. It is fully legal as it owns the Curacao eGaming License, and it shares lots of similarities with Betfair, like the increased liquidity and the high odds.

Even though the betting markets on 9wickets are not as much as we can get on other exchanges, it still offers lots of betting options and different markets that punters are able to bet on. The platform also includes all the advantages and options of a betting exchange. For example, the back and lay bets, that make the trading strategy many players use possible.

To access sport bets in 9wickets, you must open an account through a broker. This is the only way to use the betting exchange. Such a betting agent is Brokerstorm.com, which, although at the moment doesn’t support the 9wickets exchange, still provides access to numerous betting exchanges like OrbitX, Fair999, Winfair24, Whitehorse, and of course, Betfair.

But what are the betting options this fine exchange, powered by Betfair, has to offer? In the coming article you will see which betting markets are available in 9wickets,  the bets punters can wager on, and review the offering of the platform, both for pre-match and live events.


The best 9wickets bets per sport

As the name 9wickets declares, you should expect that the biggest offering of betting markets on the platform is about cricket. Indeed, punters will find plenty of options in cricket, from several leagues and competitions. However, 9wickets betting markets are not limited only there.

The betting markets on 9wickets are shared across seven of the most popular sports. These are football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, rugby, American football, and, as we mentioned before, cricket. Although they might not seem like a lot, especially if you compare sport bets on 9wickets with other betting exchanges, the number of leagues and competitions is more than enough to satisfy the players.

After all, the most popular sports are already included in the exchange, and that is why the website is constantly attracting more and more players. You must not forget the liquidity it offers, which is pretty similar to Betfair’s. Another important advantage that punters must take into consideration.


Let’s talk more specifically. The most popular sport across the globe is football. On 9wickets, the betting markets for football include many competitions from all over the world. Totally, over 60 countries can be found in the football section, each one with their major and minor leagues. Let’s mention some of them, beginning with the most well-known.

You will find matches from the United Kingdom and its countries. These 9wickets bets concern the English Premier League, the English Championship, League 1 and League 2 categories, and the English National League. You will also be able to bet on the minor competition of the English Football League Cup.

But the United Kingdom doesn’t include only England. The Scottish Premiership, the Scottish Championship and the Scottish League 1 and League 2 are also available on 9wickets betting markets. Additionally, we must not skip the Welsh League and the Welsh League Cup. As you can see, the options are plenty, and we have only hit the tip of the iceberg.

The same applies to all the major countries and their competitions, like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, and so on. You will find any match you desire to bet on, from the top categories to even the smallest ones. But the betting markets on 9wickets include leagues from smaller countries as well.

Let’s go and see some competitions from Latin America, which are not so well-known compared to the Europeans. For example, 9wickets bets can be placed for the Peruvian Primera and Segunda Divisions, the Bolivian Liga de Fútbol, the Venezuelan Primera Division, and the Paraguayan Primera and Segunda Divisions.

You will also find leagues from countries in Central America like Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. Moreover, there are many leagues and competitions from smaller countries all over the world that might catch your eye, such as Egypt, Indonesia, Cambodia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Singapore, and the list goes on.

Whichever match you want to wager on, you will probably find it in the betting markets of 9wickets. At this point, we should mention that all the previous leagues are available for live betting also. Even though in the lesser leagues the liquidity might not be enough to match your bets, in bigger competitions the acceptance of your bet is more than certain.

In general, 9wickets live bets are very popular, especially with the number of markets they involve. Furthermore, the betting exchange offers the feature of “one click bet.” In this way, you can set a standard stake for your bets and place them very quickly with only one click. Something which is very important in live betting.


If you are a basketball fan and you prefer betting on this particular sport, then the 9wickets betting markets will blow you away. The basketball coverage is truly something that the exchange stands out for, offering a wide selection of matches from around the globe. Let’s see some examples to get an idea of the basket matches available.

The most famous of the 9wickets bets is the NBA category. There you will find all the games that are going to take place all season, both regular and playoffs. Punters will also have the ability to bet on NBA Preseason matches, finding many betting opportunities before the league starts.

Except for the NBA, you will also find sport bets on 9wickets regarding the Women’s NBA. Even though it is not as popular as the men’s NBA, it still offers many betting opportunities for the players and is a league that is gaining popularity every day. On 9wickets bets, we should include the outright bets available, about the conference winner and the championship winner.

But as we said, the basketball section offers betting on championships worldwide. A competition that is well-known and preferred by bettors is the men’s Euroleague Basketball. Many punters choose to place their wagers on the biggest European basketball tournament there is, especially when the time of the Final Four comes.

Additionally, punters have the option to choose lower leagues to place their bets. Some examples are the Australian NBL, the Bulgarian NBL, the German BBL, the Israeli BSL, the French Pro A and Pro B leagues, the Italian Serie A, the New Zealand NBL, the Mexican LNBP, and the PBA Philippine Cup. This number of leagues is too hard to be found on another exchange.

The best part is that when it comes to 9wickets live bets, punters can watch the game they prefer through the live streaming feature the platform offers. Most of the games are covered by the live video service, which is very important when it comes to live betting. On 9wickets, the live bets can be very entertaining and offer opportunities for making a profit with the live streaming service.


Tennis is the third most popular sport in the world regarding betting, as many bets are placed during the biggest tournaments. The betting markets on 9wickets include all the big competitions, but the smaller ones also. All tennis bettors will find something to bet on. Let’s go and see some of the competitions available.

ATP tournaments are the biggest events in tennis. Through 9wickets, you have the ability to wager on the winner of each match separately, but you can also bet on the final winner of the tournament. Moreover, double matches are also available along with other outright bets. The same applies to the WTA, the women’s biggest tournament in tennis.

Other events that are not so popular but nevertheless can be found on 9wickets are the Challenger tournaments. For example, the Liberec Challenger, Lexington Challenger, and Cordenons Challenger are available for wagering on 9wickets betting markets. However, in these tournaments you won’t find any outright bets to place your money on.

The Opens are another big part of the tennis competition. The Australian Open, the US open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and all the other tournaments on the calendar will be available when the time comes for everyone to bet on them, both for the men’s and women’s categories. Since we are talking about major tournaments, except for the winner and the special bets of each match, punters can also bet on the winner of the tournament.

Some minor competitions you can find on the 9wickets bets are the ITF Eupen and the UTR Greece for men. In these lower competitions, you will find markets regarding the winner of each match only, without any special or outright bets. You should also take into consideration that some of these events are not available for the 9wickets live bets.

Nonetheless, the variety of competitions offered is quite large. In the big tournaments, in each match, you will find many betting options to wager on. Some of the most common are total games, number of sets, handicaps, and set winner. However, you won’t find this type of betting in minor competitions.

Other Sports

Now, let’s take a look at the other sport bets 9wickets has to offer. Horse racing is very popular among punters, especially in betting exchanges. On 9wickets you will find all the big races that each country organizes. Races take place in Great Britain, France, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, the USA and more. A total of more than 20 countries and their races are covered.

All the above countries organize a series of races that are all available on 9wickets. The exchange currently offers betting on more than 50 different races. You must not forget that the platform supports back and lay options, which makes the trading strategy ideal for horse racing events. Live streaming is also available to see the races.

American football is also available in the sport bets of 9wickets. Even though it is based only in the USA, American football is a tough sport and quite entertaining for bettors to watch. The NFL is the biggest and most popular competition, and punters can bet on each game separately on the winner, the total points, or place a bet with a handicap. Also, some outright bets are offered, like the Super Bowl winner, the AFC Conference winner, or the NFC Conference winner.

Except for the NFL, punters can place their bets on the NFL preseason matches, again with the same betting options. Additionally, if you are not into the NFL, you have the option to wager on Canadian football matches, also with similar betting options. In 9wickets, live bets are also offered for these types of competitions.

Of course, we cannot leave out the sport that is connected with the name of the exchange, and that is cricket. In 9wickets, the bets that are about cricket include a wide selection of competitions and events worldwide. To be honest, cricket is not a famous sport, but in some countries it is preferred for betting, even more than soccer.

Consequently, it should be possible for you to locate the top international men’s and women’s ODI, test matches, and T20 matches to wager on. However, 9Wickets also covers county cricket, Under 21 and Under 19 international matches, as well as all significant domestic T20 leagues and leagues of major domestic cricket teams.

Moreover, events like the Big Bash League, ICC Cricket World Cup, IPL League, and many others are also available for betting on 9wickets. Live bets are also offered for most of the matches, with live streaming in many cases. The betting options for each match are many, including 1st innings runs, Completed Match, To Win the Toss, Top Runscorer, 1st innings 25 balls runs line and many more.