9wickets Guide

How to bet on the 9wickets live app

A large number of punters prefer to place their bets through their mobile phones instead of their personal computers. The ability to bet from anywhere you are with just a few taps on your device screen is a big plus, making the wagering procedure easier and faster. That’s why most betting sites have invested in dedicated apps for mobile devices but also put their efforts into making their websites responsive.

Such a website is 9wickets, the biggest betting exchange you will find in India, also available around the world. Mobile betting on 9wickets can be very easy since the platform has excellent responsiveness when it comes to mobile devices (phones and tablets). Additionally, the developers of the company created dedicated applications for Android and iOS for anyone who wants to use 9wickets on mobile.

The betting exchange cannot be accessed directly from the website’s page or by registering from the application on your mobile. If you want to create a betting account, you must use a betting agent, or, in other words, a broker. Through a broker, you will have access to many betting exchanges like 9wickets, and it will make it easier for you to compare the odds and use strategies like trading or arbitrage.

Such a broker is Brokerstorm.com, which, even though 9wickets isn’t still available on the website, will give you access to many more exchanges like Betfair, Orbit Exchange, Fair Exchange, Whitehorse, Winfair 24 and also Asian markets. Give it a try and see what suits you best.

In this article we will see the amount of 9wickets mobile betting markets and what the platform has to offer in general. In addition, we will analyze the mobile betting odds the 9wickets application is offering and see if it’s worth betting on one of the biggest betting exchanges on the market.


Get to know the mobile betting on 9wickets

The platform of 9wickets on mobile includes many sports and prices that are based on Betfair. This means that you are able to bet on many competitions and leagues, taking advantage of some of the highest odds on the market. Furthermore, the liquidity you will find on the betting exchange is similar to Betfair’s, so you don’t have to worry if your bet will be matched by another bettor, at least in the most popular leagues.

The best way to use mobile betting on 9wickets is through their dedicated application. There are two versions of the mobile app, one for Android and one for iOS. To install the Android app on your phone, you first have to download the apk file of the application. You can find it easily with a search on Google. After you have downloaded it, you can install it on your phone and log in to your account. Things are a bit simpler on iOS since you can find the application on the app store and install it directly on your device.

Mobile betting markets

On 9wickets, the mobile betting markets in total are plenty, even though the platform has a few sports to choose from. To be more specific, in the 9wickets mobile app, you can bet on soccer, cricket, tennis, and e-soccer. From time to time, basketball, rugby, horse racing, and greyhound racing can be available for betting also.

Most of these sports offer in-play wagering too. In the 9wickets live app, each sport is presented in a specific order, and the matches available are shown in a vertical way. If you want to see the available betting markets for an event, all you have to do is to tap on the event of your choice and all the markets will be shown to you.

The soccer category is by far the one with the most competitions and leagues to bet on. The 9wickets mobile app includes over 50 countries you can choose from, each one with their respective leagues. For example, if you choose the section of English soccer, you will be able to bet on matches from the English Premier League, the English Championship, the League One, the National League, and the Football League Cup. We must mention that as the season progresses, more competitions can be available, such as League Two or the FA Cup.

But in the Soccer section, you won’t find only popular leagues from countries like England, Germany, Italy, Spain, or France. There are many more countries from all over the world where you can place your bets on their competitions. There is a large collection of leagues from Latin America. The mobile betting of 9wickets includes competitions and leagues from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and many more.

In general, it’s hard not to find a competition in soccer you want to wager on. The list goes on with leagues from Central America like Costa Rica, Mexico, and Ecuador, but also lesser known competitions from countries like Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Qatar, China, Japan, and so on. Of course, the list includes most of the European leagues and competitions, from major to minor matches.

For each match you will find on 9wickets, the mobile betting markets you will find are basic. To be more exact, most of the matches offer bets on the winner and over/under choices regarding the goals. Specifically, the markets available are over/under 0.5 goals, over/under 1.5 goals, and over/under 2.5 goals. Unfortunately, you won’t find any more choices to bet on.

Another big section of mobile betting on 9wickets is the tennis category. There, you will find all the big tournaments that are taking place at the time, but also smaller competitions. To give some examples, ATPs, Opens, Challenger tournaments, WTAs, and many more are available for wagering when it comes to tennis matches. Regarding the markets of each match, you will find bets for the winner but also special bets for games and sets separately.

Cricket also plays a big part in the sports available on the 9wickets mobile application. Some of the biggest competitions offered are the Caribbean Premier League, the ICC World Cricket League, the International Twenty20, the Royal London One Day Cup and more. However, the market that each match offers for betting is about the winner. The platform doesn’t offer any other special bets.

Finally, when basketball matches are available, you will also find many competitions from all around the world to wager on. Of course, the NBA is the biggest league you will find, offering all matches during the regular season and the playoffs also. Nevertheless, some of the basketball leagues that will be available to bet on throughout the year are the European Euroleague, championships from European countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, etc., the Canadian Basketball League, New Zealand’s NBL, and many more.

The betting markets on basketball matches are varied. Match winners and over/under bets on total points are the most common ones, which can be placed pre-match but also in-play,  since most of the games are available on the 9wickets live app.

Mobile betting odds

As we mentioned before, the 9wickets mobile app shows official prices from Betfair. We all know that Betfair is among the exchanges that have the highest odds in the industry. With this in mind, 9wickets constitutes the ideal destination for any punter who wants to bet on the highest odds.

As it is natural, the best odds are available in the most popular leagues. This happens because 9wickets and Betfair are exchanges, not bookies. In exchanges, bettors define the prices, and since the liquidity is higher in most common leagues, so are the odds. For example, you will find significantly high odds in major soccer competitions from England, Germany, Italy, Spain, and European competitions like the Champions’ League or the Europa League.

The odds are quite high on the 9wickets live app also, again, for the most popular matches. Especially if you compare the odds you will find in the exchange with the ones on a sportsbook, the difference will be huge. And we are not referring only to the match winner odds, but to all the 9wickets mobile betting odds that are available at the time.

Except for soccer, on 9wickets the mobile betting odds are also the best for tennis matches. The rule of the most popular matches and competitions applies here too. The bigger the competition, the higher the odds and the liquidity as well. During in-play events, through the 9wickets live app, you can have access to all tennis matches that are playing at the moment. If you want to wager, you can be sure that the odds offered are still higher than the average sportsbook.

On 9wickets, the mobile betting odds are equally high on the other sports, like cricket and basketball. In cricket, where the platform provides quite a focus, the odds are even higher than expected. We can say the same for basketball games also, both for pre-match and in-play by using the 9wickets live app.

Mobile betting features

One great feature that can be helpful in live events is the One Click Bet. With this feature, you can set a standard stake you want to use when you wager, saving you time when you are placing your bet. The 9wickets live app supports this great characteristic, and many punters will love it.

Additionally, since the website is a betting exchange, you must not forget that, via the 9wickets mobile app, you will be able to use the back and lay bets the exchange offers. With these two options, you can plan your trading strategy or search for arbitrage opportunities to secure yourself a sure profit.

The applications are very well done, giving a nice and smooth navigation through the various categories. To make the use of the 9wickets mobile app even easier, in every match or event you will find the “pin” button. If you press it, the match or the competition you chose will be saved in the multi markets tab on the bottom of the screen. This feature will help you save time and bet on the events you want without having to scroll through all the matches available that you don’t care about.

We must also comment on the live coverage the platform offers. When you choose an in-play event, above the 9wickets mobile betting markets that are offered, is the graphical representation of the match. The program shows every aspect of the game analytically, the stats are updated instantly, and there are options for live standings, starting lineups, and text commentary.

In some matches, there is also the option of live streaming. Compared to other platforms, we can say that the quality of the video is quite good and, since there is actually no delay in the stream, it will help the punters that prefer to wager on live matches, finding on 9wickets the mobile betting odds they wish for.

Mobile betting services

If you want to contact customer support directly, the only way at the moment is through the Whatsapp application. You will find the contact information at the bottom of the screen on the home page. There, you will also find a Facebook link, which leads to the 9wickets Facebook group. It has about 57 thousand members, and in its posts you might find answers to common questions or issues, like account problems or queries about the 9wickets mobile betting markets.

Finally, let’s talk about the payment methods and the options the punters have. After all, if you want to take advantage of the high 9wickets mobile betting odds, you must first make a deposit and start betting.

As we said before, it is not possible to access the 9wickets betting exchange directly from their website. Instead, you have to use a betting agent. As soon as you create your account with the broker, you will be able to deposit money into the exchange you want through the betting agent. So, it depends on the agent which payment options support.

Most brokers, like Brokerstorm.com, use common means of payment to make it easier for anyone to deposit money into their account. One such method of payment is the use of an e-wallet. The most popular ones are Skrill and Neteller, but there are other choices also, like MuchBetter and AstroPay card.

Another payment option is by making a bank transfer of the desired amount of money into your account. Additionally, most brokers nowadays accept deposits through cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Brokerstorm.com supports all of the above payment methods. So basically, the method of payment you can use is up to the broker you will open an account with.