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How to create a 9wickets agent account

create a 9wickets new account

Whoever wants to start sports betting should open an account at a betting exchange. Betting exchanges are superior to traditional sportsbooks and typical bookmakers. They usually have very high betting limits, significantly greater odds, and provide you with alternative ways of wagering, like “lay betting.”

9wickets is a betting exchange which includes all the above advantages. This Curacao licensed betting platform offers very high odds, uncomparable with the lower ones of a sportsbook. The prices the exchange offers are the official ones from Betfair, and punters can choose from a wide selection of sports and competitions to place their bets.

Moreover, 9wickets can proudly claim that it is the biggest betting exchange in India. Considering that it is addressed to a huge market, we can be sure that the liquidity on pre-match and in live events will be adequate for your bets to be matched immediately. At least in the biggest and most popular leagues, you won’t face any problems with your back and laying bets.

But how can someone access and complete a 9wickets registration? That’s one of the things you will see in this article, which will help you in case you wish to register on 9wickets and take advantage of all the benefits the platform has to offer. Additionally, we will analyze what a broker is and why you need a 9wickets agent account to start wagering. So, keep reading to learn more about how to access 9wickets and register.


Register on 9wickets easily through a broker

The 9wickets registration can be completed in two possible ways. The first way is directly from the website. The other way is through a broker who can give you access to the betting exchange. Both ways are trustworthy and quite easy. However, if you decide to register on 9wickets through a betting agent, you will have more advantages than if you create a 9wickets new account directly from the site.

Nevertheless, the platform has some very good benefits already. A lot of players use it every day to place their bets and take advantage of the high odds it offers. In addition, the variety of sports and the wide range of competition are something that attracts the majority of punters. To be specific, you will find a vast selection of leagues and tournaments for soccer, cricket, and tennis, but also options for betting on e-soccer and virtual sports.

Furthermore, if you decide to join 9wickets and register on the platform, you will have the choice of betting on many live events and competitions from all over the world. We must also not forget some very good features the exchange offers, like the “one click bet” and the multi-market tools. There are great tools that could help you experience the in-play section in the best way possible.

Register directly from the site

As we mentioned before, the first way to register on 9wickets is directly from the site. But it differs from the typical sign up procedures you will find on other websites. However, it’s not so difficult that everyone should be able to complete it easily without having any problems.  After all, the 9wickets website overall is very simple and easy to use.

Let’s see the steps in the right order you have to follow to avoid any possible mistakes one could make. First, you must open a browser and enter the homepage of 9wickets. To register, you have to scroll down to the end of the page, and there you will see two whatsapp contacts. You can choose whoever you like and send a direct message to ask for sign in credentials.

This is how the 9wickets registration procedure starts. You will be asked to send some personal information. These are your first and last names, the address you live in, your mobile telephone number, your email and your date of birth. You must ensure that all your personal information is correct in order to avoid any inconvenience regarding the KYC procedure.

By the time you finish with all the above, a message will be sent to you with your login credentials. The next thing you have to do is to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. If you skip this necessary step, you might face problems with any possible withdrawal requests in the future. KYC is mandatory by law to protect betting companies and players from any scam or fraud and to maintain the highest level of security.

To complete the KYC procedure of 9wickets and register for the exchange, you must send all the necessary documents. This is a proof of your ID (driver’s license, passport, state ID, military ID), and a proof of your address (any recent utility bill showing your address should be acceptable).

It is natural for some punters to be skeptical about sending their personal information so easily to an internet betting service. However, you must be sure that all documents and personal information are protected with the highest level of encryption and that all files are treated with respect and confidentiality.

Since you have completed all the above steps, you are ready to make your first deposit and start using 9wickets. The registration is a very simple process and can be completed in a matter of minutes. However, on 9wickets, a new account can be created in a different way, which can be even more beneficial for you.

Register through a broker

A popular way to gain access to betting exchanges is through a broker. But what exactly is a broker? To put it simply, a broker (or in other words, a betting agent) is someone (in our case, a website) who can give you access to many betting exchanges and sports books that you normally wouldn’t be able to access. This usually happens due to limitations and  restrictions regarding the geographical location of the player.

A betting agent usually supports many betting services and provides punters with lots of conveniences. So, the second way to register on 9wickets is through a broker. A very good example of a betting agent is Brokerstorm.com. Even though you can’t open a 9wickets new account yet as it is not available at the time, through Brokerstorm.com you can have access to some of the best betting exchanges and sportsbooks on the market. To name a few, Betfair, Orbit Exchange, Whitehorse, Winfair24, Fair Exchange, all are available through Brokerstorm.com.

To get a 9wickets agent account is simpler than the first way, and is similar to the one of a typical betting website. First, you must open the broker’s website and find the sign up button. For example, on Brokerstorm.com, this button is at the top right of the screen. As soon as you click it, you will be prompted to fill in a form with your personal information.

Except for your personal details, you will also be asked to choose a security password for your account. After finishing with the required fields, you will get a confirmation email to validate your email address, and then you are ready to access the betting agent site and see all your available options.

However, the KYC procedure is also necessary here. The documents you will need are the same (proof of ID and proof of address), and it will take a short time to complete. As soon as you get confirmation that all the requested documents are acceptable, you can make and start placing bets on any exchange or sportsbook available.

We must mention that opening a 9wickets agent account is not always possible. For the time being, the platform does not accept any other method of registration. Nevertheless, creating a 9wickets agent account could be up and running soon, so maybe you should wait till you come across that opportunity.

Until a broker is available for 9wickets to register with, you can try alternative betting exchanges from brokers like Brokerstorm.com and find many options and betting markets you wouldn’t be able to wager on otherwise. Generally, having an account with a broker can give you a great selection of betting services to compare and try.

Advantages of brokers

If you find the chance, you may prefer to register on 9wickets through a broker. The benefits you will get are important and they will make your sports betting life a lot easier. It’s not random that pro players choose to place their bets on brokers, as they have more advantages than betting on a typical bookmaker.

It’s better to complete your 9wickets registration via a broker for various reasons. To start with, a broker will give you access to many betting exchanges and sportsbooks by having a single account. This means that it will be easier to manage your betting accounts and balances between the websites, which is much easier than having a different account for each website.

Another advantage is that, through a betting agent, you can overcome any geographical limitations and restrictions. You have the freedom to wager on any betting exchange you want, without worrying if your account will be blocked. Most brokers operate legally, so you are safe to bet on any website you prefer. For example, Brokerstorm.com is licensed under the Curacao Gaming Service, which allows it to operate normally in most countries.

In addition, since you have access to many exchanges like 9wickets, an agent account is useful if you want to compare the odds between the betting websites. That ensures that you can always choose the highest odds to place your bets and earn the maximum from your betting choices. Also, in that way, it is easier to search for betting opportunities like arbitrage and secure yourself a profit whatever the outcome of your bet.

One more important thing about using a betting agent is that you will have more methods of payment. Let’s take a look at Brokerstorm.com. The payment methods that are offered are e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, AstroPay), bank wire transfers, bitcoin, and many more. Usually, betting exchanges offer fewer ways for deposits and withdrawals, but through a broker you can have more payment options.

Lastly, we should not forget about the fees. Most betting websites have quite big fees when it comes to withdrawals, which might be as high as 5-7%. However, brokers have significantly lower fees or even none at all. Brokerstorm.com has zero fees for the first withdrawal every month and just 1.5% for any other subsequent transaction that might occur.

The advantages of choosing 9wickets

Whether you decide to open a 9wickets agent account or complete the 9wickets registration directly from their site, the one thing is certain is that the platform is a great choice for any punter. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced bettor, this betting exchange has many advantages for someone to exploit.

The high odds are maybe the most important thing to opening a 9wickets new account. The payout for the exchange is usually 98-99 percent, while in traditional sportsbooks it is about 92-93 percent. This shows that by betting on 9wickets, you will earn more from your betting choices than by betting on any other bookmaker.

But there are more good reasons to create a 9wickets new account. Punters have a wide selection of sports, competitions, and leagues to choose from. Especially when it comes to soccer, the available countries are over 50, each one with their own major and minor leagues and cups.

Moreover, in cricket and tennis, the betting options are also varied, offering a lot of betting markets for any tournament in the world. Additionally, the in-play events have excellent coverage, live streaming, and even more betting markets that will satisfy all the players who want to wager on them.

If you enter 9wickets and register on the site, you will find a very friendly and simple graphical user interface. Even beginners will have no problem navigating through the website, which is also very quick and very responsive. Furthermore, you can download the dedicated app of the platform for Android and iOS. It is pretty light for any device and includes all the best characteristics of 9wickets, so you can bet wherever you are.